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Easily control all the digital media in your home with your Android device

Would you like to control your digital media at home with just one single device? With the aMedia Control you can easily manage your movies, photos or music from a DLNA (UPnP) device present in your wireless home network. The aMedia Control allows you to search for media in all DLNA (UPnP) servers, such as a NAS-server or computer, and to play it on your Android device or on any DLNA (UPnP) compatible player such as the Sitecom TV Media Player.

The aMedia Control has the following features:

- Automatically detects DLNA (UPnP) servers and compliant players at home

- Allows you to browse the content in an extremely easy and simple way

- Play multiple media at the same time on different players

- Supports multitasking; you can continue to play music while using a different application

- "Cover flow" functionality to preview your photos or your album cover arts

Easily turn your Android device into a remote control that allows you to control your digital media in all the rooms of your home with just a push on the button.

What is DLNA?

DLNA (UPnP) is short for Digital Living Network Alliance, and defines a standard for easily recognizing movies, photos, music and other media stored within your network.

With which devices does the aMedia Control work?

DLNA (UPnP) servers, like for example the MD-253 Sitecom Home Storage Center (NAS), can without any setup or configuration stream media to DLNA (UPnP) compliant players such as the Sitecom TV Media Player or DLNA (UPnP) TVs.

In addition, Windows Media Player 12 is both a DLNA (UPnP) server and compliant player. This means you can stream media from/to your Windows PC without any configuration. Activate this feature by clicking "Allow remote control of my Player" and "Automatically allow devices to play my media..." (under Library-Stream).

How does the aMedia Control work?

1. An overview of DLNA compatible media providers, such as NAS-servers and computers, is presented

2. Select the media provider that you want to access

3. Browse through your media files

4. Select the file that you want to play

5. An overview of DLNA compatible network devices that can play media, such as media players, computers and DLNA TV's, is given

6. Select the device that you want to use to play the file. Play the file on your Android device or any DLNA compatible device within your network. If there are no DLNA compatible devices in your network, the file is automatically played on your Android device

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